Welcome to Sierraview Cotons

Welcome to Sierraview Coton de Tulear, home of the sweetest and most loyal companion.

These beautiful sweet babies originate in Madagascar where they are the ultimate lap dog and companion to both kings and queens.  The coton is very special and wants to spend time with you above all else.  They have little to no shedding which makes traveling with your little white ball of fluff very easy and very fun.  They want nothing more than to please you and are very eager to learn.

Our cotons are truly loved members of our family, sharing both our laps and our hearts.  We work hard on producing happy, healthy, home raised puppies.  Our cotons are health tested and very well adjusted.

We do have puppies occasionally for sale to approved homes.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I love talking “coton”.

Sandy Drake


559-284-5233 - cell